The Alternative to the Packing Cube

Users of rollnband

Business Travelers, Casual Travelers, Campers, Backpackers, Bikers, Military Personnel, Motorcycle Touring and countless others.

Benefits of rollnband

  • Constructed of elastic, not hook & loop, so it won’t snag your clothing.
  • Increase your packing capacity. IMG_1484 IMG_1452
  • Save yourself from checking your bag.
  • Remain organized while traveling.
  • Reverse band to gray for dirty clothes.
  • Roll kids outfits together.
  • Cuts down on wrinkling of clothes.
  • Won’t leave a “rubber band” mark on your clothes.

Also great for….



  • Yoga mat
  • Air/foam mattress
  • Beach blanket
  • Jacket
  • Tent/fly