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Having grown up in a house with a father that served in the military, rolling clothes for traveling was something I grew up with.  I learned at a young age how to roll a shirt military/army style.  I have continued this way of packing my entire life but always felt something was missing.  I noticed more often than not my clothes would become unrolled and thus unorganized while traveling.  I tried using rubber bands and the packing cubes but for various reasons did not really care for them.

            As a way to solve all the issues I developed rollnband.  The band is strong enough that it will last a  long time and I have designed it to solve another problem I often had which was knowing what I had worn and what was still clean.  I have several family members who are still active and ex-military who use rollnband on a regular basis and find it extremely useful.  Rollnband will keep your clothes rolled together which will help in keeping your pack organized.