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Traveling with children can be a challenge at times.  One of those challenges often starts before the trip even starts…packing.  My wife would lay out all of our kids clothes on the bed that she planned to take on the trip.  After deciding what each would wear and on what day they would be wearing it she carefully placed everything in the suitcase.  By the second day of the trip the kids suitcase was usually a mess.  Clothes were no longer folded nicely and by day three we couldn’t tell what had been worn and what had not been.


            Rollnband solved this problem for us.  My wife now rolls each outfit, socks, shirt, pants and underwear, all together and uses one of the bands to hold everything together.  This has not only made the initial packing more organized but when we get home from the trip it makes unpacking and knowing what needs to be washed easy to see.  Just look for the gray labels. 



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